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Mycelebs is operating services in various industries—both independently and affiliated with partners leading in their respective fields globally. Mycelebs services are using AWS cloud


Redefining movie recommendation and search experience through AI “KeyTalks”

Utilizing 26k+ AI "Keytalks" with semantic capability as units for recommendations & search, Maimovie resolves limitations of existing keyword-based movie recommendations and search. With PICK and SAY, users can either select "Keytalks" to search for long tail movies according to their changing preferences without knowing what to search, or say any clue or contexts to search movies. With "Keytalks," Maimovie guides users to discover their movie tastes and connect users to all existing 760k+ movies in the world.


Sephora beauty assistant with AI-powered personalized recommendations

Powered by AI, Glamai provides more than 75 million personalized AI recommendations using over 6,100 beauty tastes based on “keytalks” from people. Over 4,600 products are updated live with information on key factors like ingredients, colors and tones, rankings and awards, and much more.

Mycelebs Star

Fan-powered celebrities hub connecting to live-updated public personas on each celebrity

Mycelebs Star, the AI platform enables advertisers and casting directors to identify celebrities with public personas most suitable for their ads. Mycelebs Star also facilitates individual users to discover celebrities of their tastes and nurtures communal fandoms that share the tastes. Additionally, Mycelebs Star updates the tastes ranking in real time based on fans’ collective responses to be reflected on Gaon Chart Hot Star Awards. Support celebrities of your tastes at Mycelebs Star connecting you to 30k+ celebrities information with 100k+ user participations per year.

My Bucketlist

AI-based travel recommendation offering the biggest benefits

Through a partnership with, My Bucketlist is an AI travel service that provides 29 million hotels around the world at the lowest price. My Bucketlist provides real-time updated information on 1.7 million cities and offers travel search and recommendations with 1 million travel tastes.


Disrupting the hotel booking market with ‘Lower than the Lowest Price’ powered by AI

Staypia uses an array of AI and data processing solutions to find the lowest price for 3.16 million hotels worldwide, in real-time. Mycelebs is able to operate Staypia at virtually no operating cost and this allows Mycelebs to provide additional discounts on top of the lowest real-time price of select hotels.

Kakao Page

Providing context-aware AI search and recommendation engine to Kakao Page

Kakao Page is Korea's top contents platform which transformed their search engine to Mycelebs AI "Keytalk" -based search. Utilizing "Keytalks," Kakao Page offers users to get context-aware recommendations and has experienced dramatic increase in longtail contents viewership.

Gaon Chart

Live program dashboard based on various big data analysis

Global No. 1 K-pop chart 'Gaon Chart' reflects Mycelebs social index score for its social chart ranking. Mycelebs social index is affected by fan engagement, and is reflected on the ‘This Year Social Hot Star Award’ along with Youtube, SMR x Mubeat, V-live and other metrics.

Shinsegae Duty-Free

The 1st duty-free shopping app using voice user experience (VUX) to search for products based on context

Say-pick is a duty-free shopping app with AI voice search and recommendation feature to allow customers to easily find beauty and fashion products with their own tastes. The service is provided in Korean (Say-pick) and Chinese (Souer).

Lotte Exciting.L

Lotte Lifestyle Portal

Exciting.L is an affiliate service with Lotte. Mycelebs provides a variety of F&B contents from different categories from Lotte group such as cooking recipe and ingredients through an AI curated portal service.


Live program dashboard based on various big data analysis

JTBC is Korea’s top broadcasting company which implemented Mycelebs dashboard to monitor viewer’s interest and product popularity of various programs in real-time.


Automatic content curation from multiple perspective

Mycelebs provided AI contents curation for POOQ. The integrated platform is developed and managed by Mycelebs to provide personalized recommendations increasing the number of content viewers.