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About MATS

Mycelebs AI
Transformation Suite

The AI Ops Engine

Transform your business with MATS

MATS(Mycelebs AI Transformation Suite) is the AI Ops Engine that delivers seamless AI transformation to clients by integrating key AI functions including automatic data management, model implementation, visualization, and real-time updates.

Existing AI industries with dispersed key functions

MATS for integrating
key functions


MATS collects and indexes any machine data in real-time, allowing you to search, explore, analyze, and visualize your data all in one place.

Easy to Deploy and Use

Applicable to Various Industries

Reduce Operating Costs

Real-Time Update

Data Collection

Mycelebs builds semantic data which is most highly valued in the AI era. By extracting user context or taste through our AI engine, we have constructed a data aggregator model that adds more value than simple data sales.

Semantic Data Aggregator

Who are the consumers?
It is limited to grasp the actual needs of consumers.
What do consumers prefer?
It is difficult to grasp the gap between consumer attitude and actual behavior.
How and what do consumers buy?
It is possible to induce consumer behavior in a specific direction by identifying consumer behavior patterns.
What is the consumer's taste?
From analyzing user context reflecting time, place, and occasion, it is possible to derive insights based on the actual taste of the consumers.

Implementation of AI Intelligence

Mycelebs’ AI Semantic Search Engine is a system running a variety of data generated by the masses for the purpose of building on a variety of tastes. Additionally, a context-based data classification system for each service group is applied to recommend results that are suitable for the user’s situation

Semantic search and AI recommendation engine powered by Myceleb


Our system effectively delivers information about popular items from various industries, such as movies, fashion, and publishing to users through various data visualization techniques.

Data Visualization

Live Update

AI machine learning automatically updates the public’s tastes and trends using information that reflects the taste of the crowd in real-time.

Real-time Analytics