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How It Works

Service Automation Solution

Service automation, the next generation of factory automation for prompt and immediate implementation of AI solutions

Curtail resource-intensive workloads, and maximize workspace efficiency through AI Transformation

KATS(Keytalk AI Transformation Suite), the AIOps Engine, enables quick, convenient, and efficient AI transformation of each step of work process, from data collection to data-based service implementation specific to your industry, through AI service automation.

Data-Supply Chain Management (D-SCM)

KATS significantly improves operational efficiency through data-supply chain management (D-SCM) method which automatically collects and processes source data

Context Processing

KATS manages and updates multi-domain language processing models and dialogue policies for query disambiguation

"Keytalk" System

The system creates, manages, and stimulates the results for service-level "Keytalks", using sub-intention to map out contexts such as time, place, and occasion


The vast data collected and processed through D-SCM is uprated in real-time on various service areas such as speech recognition, taste-based content recommendation, and live update content module through the service automation process