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These are a selection of our brand assets including official logo files, product screenshots, and leadership photos that are available to you for use without the need for individual legal agreements.

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Keytalk AI offers the most advanced prompt engineering to enhance user experience in a conversational environment, maximizing generative AI's potential and unlocking next-level personalization. It is the only AI-operated prompt labeling solution that allows intent and context-based search and recommendations on existing platforms, without relying on user logs. With a decade of research, the company has built a dynamic ontology to scale prompt engineering in new industries, even with limited data available. Founded in 2014, Keytalk AI is an Advanced Technology Partner and an ISV Accelerate Partner for Amazon Web Services. Learn more on their website at

Keytalk AI Brand Assets

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Keytalk AI is helping K-drama fans find the perfect show

Keytalk prompts help Kocowa+ users discover new TV shows to watch based on their preferences “What’s a good Korean drama to watch alone on a rainy Friday night?” Keytalk AI is helping Kocowa+ users find the perfect answer to their day-to-day streaming queries. (Kocowa+ is the largest Korean entertainment streaming platform in North America.) Image courtesy of Kocowa+ [link]Why Keytalk? Difficulty discovering content leads to streaming service subscriber churn. Americans spend an average of 10 hours a day on screen time and 10.5 minutes searching for their favorite shows and movies on streaming, according to Nielsen research. Spending a long time searching and yet not finding what to watch is one of the major frustrations streamers experience. Reducing search time and proactively recommending content that matches subscribers’ tastes is vital to prevent churn. This is where Keytalk comes in. The Keytalk system offers a variety of natural language expressions as search prompts, making searching more enjoyable than meta tags. This allows for more precise browsing of the growing variety of Korean content, including K-pop, dramas, entertainment, and movies. The Keytalk-powered content discovery system is also familiar to the TikTok generation, who are used to finding content with hashtags. Image courtesy of Kocowa+ [link]Join Kocowa+ and discover your perfect drama today! Keytalk AI is helping K-drama fans find the perfect show was originally published in AI Keytalk Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
Keytalk AI

AI Applications, Simplified.

Unleash Operational Excellence for the AI Era with Keytalk AI At Keytalk AI, we’re on a mission to transform the way you interact with artificial intelligence. We believe that AI should be intuitive, effortless, and user-friendly. That’s why we’ve developed cutting-edge solutions that bridge the gap between you and the world of AI. What Makes Keytalk AI Unique? Imagine having a tireless assistant by your side, working 24/7 to streamline your operations. That’s the power of our Keytalk AI Transformation Suite (KATS). KATS automates repetitive tasks, turning manual work into an intelligent, time-saving process. Whether you’re in the travel industry, entertainment, or beauty commerce, KATS has you covered. Our suite powers platforms like Staypia, Maimovie, and Glamai, delivering AI-driven efficiency with commercial viability. Our secret sauce lies in advanced natural language processing and the power of AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) technology. These innovations enable us to create specialized prompts that enhance the usability of AI tools, making interactions with AI systems as easy as clicking icons and using a mouse. How does Keytalk AI simplify the interaction between users and conversational AI? Keytalk Prompts are like the Icons and Mouse of Conversational AI. Just as icons and a mouse provide a user-friendly interface for interacting with computers, Keytalk Prompts serve as a user-friendly interface for conversational AI. Icons and a mouse simplify complex computer operations, making them accessible to a wide range of users. Similarly, Keytalk Prompts simplify AI interactions, making it easy for users to communicate with AI systems. Icons visually represent actions or functions, and a mouse facilitates precise interactions. Keytalk Prompts, through natural language, represent conversational actions and facilitate meaningful interactions with AI. Icons and a mouse bridge the gap between users and computers. Keytalk Prompts bridge the gap between users and AI, enabling seamless communication and understanding. In essence, just as icons and a mouse make computers user-friendly, Keytalk Prompts make AI user-friendly, enabling effortless and effective interactions with AI systems. The Evolution of Keytalk AI We started our journey in 2014, focused on enhancing AI assistance for smart speakers. Over time, we’ve evolved into industry experts, expanding our expertise across various sectors. Today, we harness the power of an AIOps engine, enabling AI to understand users even with limited data. This marks a significant milestone in our evolution. Who We Serve Since our inception in 2014, we’ve forged strong partnerships with leading consumer brands across diverse industries. Our collaborations include industry giants like, Sephora (LVMH Group), Korea’s Circle Chart (for Kpop), Shinsegae DF, and Kakao Entertainment. Our track record as an AWS advanced technology partner and LVMH Innovation Award finalist positions us as the go-to choice for businesses seeking AI-enhanced solutions. Our Vision and Mission At Keytalk AI, our vision is clear: we’re simplifying applications and naturalizing AI interactions. Our mission is to make AI effortlessly understand you. We achieve this by combining advanced natural language processing with AIOps technology, ensuring that AI becomes more user-friendly and responsive. Join us in the future of AI interactions. Experience the simplicity of Keytalk AI — where AI understands you like never before. Visit us at for more information. AI Applications, Simplified. was originally published in AI Keytalk Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.
Keytalk AI
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