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Keytalk allows intent and context-based search and recommendations on existing platforms, without relying on user logs. Enhance user experience in a conversational environment and unlock next-level personalization.
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What Is Keytalk?

Keytalk AI collects, analyzes, and labels online data and processes it into context-aware "Keytalk." Each Keytalk consists of hundreds of contextual, meaning, and intentional data, allowing machines to learn and understand natural language structures as humans do. These semantic attributes enable Keytalk to easily update social trends that change over time into rankings for recommendations.

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Minimal icon

Minimal Infrastructure

Automate data pre-processing, additional learning, data updates, and traffic-based load balancing without requiring extra infrastructure or human resources.

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Easy Integration

Plug-in solution which connects with your data catalogue and integrates with existing search, recommendation, or generative AI systems.

Latest icon

Latest Results

Take advantage of live-update capabilities to reflect recent data changes with no extra operation cost.

Configurable icon

Configurable Results

Don't be hindered by the opaque and uncontrollable nature of AI products. Easily adjust and align results with your business strategy.

Curtailing icon

Curtailing Workload

Data analytics provided by Keytalk help curtail workload by supporting effective decision-making and shortening time-to-market.

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Enable further monetization opportunities by integrating Keytalk units to an AD system, or utilizing Keytalk to provide data insight B2B.

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Long-tail Recommendation

Add value to your data by enhancing results with social-powered recommendation data.

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Personalized Result

Resolve the cold start problem by kick-starting user profiling with social-based data sets.

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Enhanced Voice Search

Optimize your voice search with NLP-based Keytalk units, which are designed to comprehend colloquial terms and phrases.

Keytalk Solves Specific Problems for Each Industry

Keytalk specializes in handling the needs of a specific industry or service. Find out how Keytalk is resolving the issue in the OTT Streaming industry.

Make Use of ANY Data, Quite Literally

Keytalk is powered by people and provided by AI. Our AIOps Engine plugs into various data sources and processes the texts into Keytalks that can immediately enhance your product search, recommendation, and discovery. Its semantic capabilities take away the need for further data cleansing and enables daily updates at minimum costs.


Clean Data

Sources with formal English texts (news, databases, blogs...)


Noisy Data

“Noisy” texts e.g., typos, slangs, etc. (social networks, communities, comments...)


Internal Data

AI organizes and constantly updates data from multiple sources

How to Integrate Keytalk

Semantic Capabilities Like No Other

With over 120 patents registered and pending specialized in AI search and recommendations, Keytalk AI takes natural language-based product intelligence to a new level.

14M+ Keytalk Created
60T+ Keytalk Combinations
251+ Countries Worldwide

Keytalk Caters to Every Business Vertical

Keytalk is natural language-based, which makes it extremely scalable and applicable to any industry. Keytalk AI already has global data affiliates in content, movie, travel, and beauty industries and this network is rapidly growing.

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Test It Out at No Cost

Get in touch with our team to test Keytalk with your product data. We are offering $1,000 worth of AWS server credit necessary to train the model and evaluate results.


Keytalk can function individually as a unit of recommendation or be used to complement keywords in search engines and content-based or hybrid recommendation systems. Keytalk has created NLP models that have successfully been deployed in global industries and products such as: Movies, TV Shows, Beauty, Food & Beverage, Travel and more. The customized NLP model is trained on real-world data from diverse sources - enabling each Keytalks to accurately learn the contextual sentiment behind different phrases.
Keytalk can provide several benefits for improving the user experience without relying on user data, but it can also be easily integrated to enhance existing data. Listed as follows: - Context Aware Search: Enabling users' search experience to reflect the context of what their searching for results in better user engagement - Longtail Recommendation: Empowering users to discover and consume lesser-known products results to improved user retention. - Configurable Results: Adjusting search and recommendation results to accommodate specific business needs such as boosting promotional content through a web platform and curtailing workloads. - Search Reinforcement: Empowering users to search in different methods such as speech improves user satisfaction in content exploration. - Personalization: Cold-starting personalization with zero log data relieves privacy breach issues and improves business returns.
The following features can be provided in your Keytalk solution, depending on your choice of package. Please consult with our Sales team at to see what package best fits your business needs, or for any questions in hand. Our features include: 1. Data Processing: Data Processing refers to all the necessary steps for creating and updating a NLP model for the Keytalk solution that suits your business needs. 2. Data Customization: Instead of a One-Size-Fits-All approach, we provide a custom-tailored solution to better meet the diverse business needs of our clients. 3. Data API: Our Data API includes 7 features and weekly updates (update terms can be adjusted) that you can build Keytalk modules and functions with. Keytalk AI offers Consulting to any businesses that need assistance in utilizing the API. 4. Keytalk Module (Consulting): We love to help our clients in achieving the most with our solutions. Keytalk AI offers consulting for building different types of Search functions such as voice search, implementing personalization, conducting user analysis, etc. 5. Keytalk Configurator: We offer an online solution that allows businesses to moderate results of Keytalk and facilitates transparency in the hidden layer of machine learning algorithms.
Personalization creates higher quality recommendations that respond to the specific needs and changing preferences of users, thus improving engagement and conversion.
Keytalk can be used to describe both contents and people, making it easier to recommend contents to users. The use of Keytalk also enhances recommendation accuracy and reduces cold-start problems for new users. We provide consultation on how to implement Keytalk to personalization algorithms.