• Account Overview

    • View basic organization information and update history

  • Keytalk Engagement Rates

    • Keytalk calls by category: This shows how many times a Keytalk from each category (e.g. ‘Climax & Ending’, ‘Emotional Response’, ‘Character’, etc.) has been called. This data reflects the general interests of your users.

  • Popular Keytalk

    • This displays the top 5 most frequently used Keytalk, along with metrics on how many times they’ve been used. You can set the range up to 30 days prior.

  • Updated Analysis Status

    • Keytalk Analysis Complete: This shows the percentage of the total number of items in your library that have been mapped with Keytalk.

    • Recently Analyzed: This displays the items that have been most recently mapped with Keytalk.