What type of data do I need to provide to Keytalk AI?

The only dataset you need to provide us with is your item catalog. The transferred item catalog should contain the following fields:

  • Unique item identifier ID (Primary Key)

  • Title/ Name of item

In addition, we may ask for items review data your business has in the case of a new added category where the data quality need so be reinforced.

How will my data be customized?

The level of data customization will depend on your choice of solution plan. With the basic plan, we provide the Keytalk System Dashboard to allow Keytalk configuration for authorized personnel . For additional customization, please consult our sales team with specific requests at business@keytalkai.com

What type of data do I need to provide to proceed with personalization?

The following data is asked for to proceed with personalization. Just so you know, not all data types listed are required.

  • Item Data: Any type of item including books, videos, news articles or products. This involves item ids and metadata associated with each item. This data is optional.

  • User Data: User profile data including user demographic data such as gender and age. This data is optional.

  • User Activity Stream or Event Data: User interaction data on the website/application is captured in the form of events and is sent to Keytalk engine. This includes key events such as view, click, wishlist, saved, purchase, etc. (if available)

How is the solution fee calculated?

Basic costs are measured upon: - Number of items carried in your dataset - The number of users per month (calculated as average of recent 3 months) - The volume of search per month (calculated as average of recent 3 months) *Additional costs may occur if extra functions are purchased. Please contact our Sales team (business@keytalkai.com) for additional pricing factors

How can I receive technical support?

You can receive support from our AWS Technical Account Manager for any technical issues regarding API, and you can contact our sales team if you want to adjust our keytalk for any business issues. We are also currently building a team to deploy for local support.

How do I add data to the items in my library marked “Disconnected” on the Items Overview page?

There is no need for any action when an item is marked “Disconnected”. Our engine will collect the data necessary to analyze premature items. All we ask from you is a little bit of patience.

I’ve tried adding different attributes and adjusting weights to a Keytalk, but I still can’t achieve my desired results. What can I do?

Taste Attributes and Meta Attributes can only be used to moderate Keytalk results. It cannot be used to fully manipulate the results. If you have a specific business logic you would like to push, our team can help you with that. Contact us at business@keytalkai.com