The following document defines the essential functions used to

syncronize Keytalk Data. The format will be provided in API for easy understanding of Keytalk functions.

Results of this API are incomplete sample data used for testing.

  • Common - Keytalk

    • List of movie Keytalk provided by Keytalk AI.

  • Common - Finder

  • Provides recommendation results after Keytalk input.

  • Movie/TV Show

    • Provides Keytalk ranking results or similar movie(TV Show) ranking results for each movie(TV Show).


To access this API, an x-api-key and token will be required. The tokens will be generated by Keytalk AI and will only be available to authorized users. Each token will have a designated expiration time, and after it expires, it will no longer be available for use. Users will need to generate a new token after expiration to access the API.