How to integrate


Integrating Keytalk is easy. Keytalk solution and the included features are accessible by plugging in the API key. Our Keytalk engine will deliver data and updates to you in simultaneously through the API.

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Integrating Keytalk Search

There are three active algorithms for indexing Search Results. First, a Keyword-based algorithm to assist users in finding exactly what they want. Second, a Semantic-based algorithm to assist users in finding more of what they like. Third, a transformer-based algorithm to assist queries that are not matched with any Keytalk. By default, these algorithms will run separately and create different interfaces. The images shown simulate the default settings for the 3 algorithms; users will be able to view separate Keyword and Keytalk results and the third transformer-based algorithm cannot be viewed unless there are zero Keytalk results. Depending on the scope of the partnership, the 3 algorithms can be combined into one whole search system and provide a smoother user search experience.

Shown below are sample images. The Keytalk interface will vary to suit your business

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Keytalk Search Integration - 2.png

Keytalk Search Integration - 2-1.png

Automatic Results of Integration:

Integrating Keytalk only means providing Mycelebs with your item catalog data and receiving automatically operated modules through an API. The automatically operated modules include:

Image 1) A voice search module that lets you search hands-free. The voice engine has a high success rate and quickly shows you relevant results when you ask questions. Past partners have labeled this voice engine an “AI assistant”.

Image 2) An interface area with lots of user phrases to pick from. This module is for all the users who have hard time describing what they are looking for. (Only 20% of users normally enter a site knowing exactly what they are looking for)

Image 3) Item profiles with actionable item-descriptive phrases - clicking on each phrase leads to other items that were tagged with the phrase. Similar items module that calculates the overall Top n Similar Items. Both modules add exploration value for users.

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Integrating Keytalk Recommendation

Keytalk Recommendation automatically analyzes attributes of items and ranks them accordingly. Semantic data on the many phrases describing items can produce complementary modules within the recommendation carousels. The placement of each module can vary by site, resulting in a custom user interface that fits the personality of each business. When semantic data is merged with available user data, Keytalk Recommendation becomes hyper-personalized.

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Keytalk Recommendation Integration 1.png

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6) Where to Use

Keytalk is currently used in various industries, for example:

  • Video (SVOD, OTT)/ Korean, English

  • Webtoon or Webcomics/ Korean

  • E-Commerce

  • Travel & Accommodation

  • News & Media

  • Restaurants

  • Food & Beverages

If you do not see your industry in the list above, please contact us at